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About Us

Owner Ray Bialek started Bialek’s Music LTD in 1978 (at the age of 24) after gaining six years of experience with other agencies. As a musician since 1967, he brought his experience as a band leader to his other 95 bands.

The staff at Bialek’s Music includes:

  • Dan Goldman, Music Consultant/DJ
  • Rickie Bialek, Music Consultant
  • Dave Edwards, Music Consultant
  • Jill Wasserman, Marketing Consultant
  • Louise Bryant, Office Manager

Facts about Bialek’s Music LTD

The agency books close to 2,000 Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and corporate functions per year. In addition, it has affiliations with 20 other agencies from the east coast to the mid-west. All acts can be viewed on DVD or our website for client convenience.

Entertainment is Our Business

Bialek’s has been the life of the party for over 35 years in the Washington/Baltimore area. From bands to DJ’s to soloists to ensembles to specialty groups, we’ve got what it takes to make your event the talk of the town. What’s more, it’s almost as much fun choosing your entertainment as it is booking it. Stop by our Rockville location and we’ll show you a wealth of talent not often found in one place. You can audition bands via DVD, or we’ll arrange for a live presentation. If it’s a DJ you’re looking for, you can choose the one that you feel has the perfect personality for your reception. Just rest assured, whether it’s a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, or your own private theme party, we’ll help you set just the right tone. Strings, brass, rock, Bach, Mariachi, Motown, R&B or alternative, We’ve got it all! If you’re looking for another name or type of entertainment, just ask. We’ll get it. From Caricatures to clowns, or even Jewish Folk, we are at your disposal.

All the Extras Without the Extra Charge

At Bialek’s, we’ll recommend your best entertainment option based on your budget. And that’s not even counting the benefits you’ll get free of charge. Things like reassurance. Everything is planned in advance…What kind of music to play between sets…who will make the announcements. We’ll even come up with contests for the kids or a special tribute to Grandma. We’ll be there- right up to the moment your party begins. And whether you’re hosting a formal banquet or a casual get-together, there’s no question we can’t answer. Because at Bialek’s, we believe in service. And that’s no song and dance.